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1951 Episode of ''The Alan Young Show''

Published 1951

A 1951 episode of the Emmy-winning variety series "The Alan Young Show". This episode includes a sketch about two people who meet at their doors, and a sketch about a department store. Complete with original advertising and rare network ID (my first upload with the network ID in ages!). Not the best show you'll ever see, but quite charmingly dated.

Run time 27 minutes 21 seconds
Audio/Visual sound, black and white


Reviewer: thopeancheta - - August 21, 2013
Subject: More detailed info
This episode of the Alan Young Show aired on January 16th, 1951. It aired on CBS at 7 pm on Tuesdays PST and is the 22nd episode of its 2nd season. Ralph Levy produced this particular episode.

Being a typical variety comedy show, this episode primarily features 3 main acts, along with brief stand up comedy by Young, and short advertising segments that feature its sponsor, Esso, the oil company. The first act is a skit in which a man and a woman, played by Alan Young and Gloria De Haven, try to become more acquainted with one another after briefly meeting outside of their apartment doors. These multiple attempts result in hilarious and charmingly awkward interactions between the two and are often far from the ideal conversation that they had wanted. When both characters are in their rooms, the audience gets to hear their internal monologues relating to the situation. Before they go outside to meet each other, they are courageous and confident, however, once they are face to face with one another, those positive sentiments are replaced with nervousness and trivial conversation that involve the weather and borrowing a cup of sugar. In the end, they return to their rooms and sit in silence, leaving the problem unresolved and causing the audience to wonder if they will ever break the mental barrier that is preventing them from truly getting to know one another.

As for the second act, we get a musical number that stars Ilene Woods. In this act, she happily sings in the morning despite the complaints she receives from neighbors who are trying to sleep. Through song, she expresses she can’t help it because of how lovely the day is. While she sings, a couple dances together on the street and the men that were initially frustrated with her join her in song as well. As Woods pleads the men to join her for “one more line,” they sing the last lyric in harmony.

The last skit focuses on a department store clerk named Mr. Ducy, portrayed by Franklin Pangborn, and a customer that is also played by Alan Young. Young’s character frustrates the clerk because he keeps asking for a different tie instead of settling for one to purchase. Though Ducy embraced Young's actions in helping with sales and wanted to claim credit for the "success" of the sale, he ends up getting in trouble with the service manager over ethical concerns. Once Mr. Ducy is left in charge of a section of the store, he is determined to make Young’s character leave. The clerk then announces that there is a shirt sale in the men’s department for only 10 minutes. As a result, an influx of customers come in to take advantage of the sale and Young’s character loses his shirt to a customer in the process. Pleased with the result, Mr. Ducy continues to make announcements of sales that cause Young’s character to gradually lose his clothing to customers until he is left in nothing but his undergarments. Instead of leaving like Mr. Ducy hoped, Young’s character makes an announcement that men’s gray suits are for sale. Consequently, Ducy loses his suit to a customer and is also left in his undergarments. Although the service manager comes back and sees Ducy in this state, Ducy holds his head up high and leaves the scene, concluding the comedy skit.

During the last few minutes of the show, the man who represents Esso announces and congratulates Young for winning the Emmy's for best television actor and best variety show on television.

Reviewer: zigoto - - March 13, 2012
Subject: Good show (for its time)
I understand that the show aired "live" on KTTV (Los Angeles) on Jan.16, 1951. When the "kine" was shown in the East on Feb.8, 1951, they had not only exchanged the "Ford" with "Esso" commercials but apparently also added a scene at the end of the show, where Alan Young receives two Emmy awards. The Emmy award ceremony was held on Jan. 23, 1951.